Monday, 2 November 2020

“Reform Unreformed”: A Collaboration of Papan Tulis podcast and RISE Programme in Indonesia

The government’s attempts to overcome the learning crisis still meet with obstacles, from teacher recruitment that is not competence-oriented, low teacher performance to inequality of learning outcomes. RISE Programme in Indonesia (RISE) carries out research to support the improvement of student learning in Indonesia. RISE works with national and local governments in examining teacher reform at the national level and local educational innovations.

Welcome to “Reform Unreformed”, a collaboration of Papan Tulis podcast and RISE Program in Indonesia. In “Reform Unreformed”, RISE researchers will discuss areas in the Indonesian education system that need to be reformed to improve student learning.

There are seven topics that will be discussed in nine episodes of “Reform Unreformed”. The topics are drawn from the studies conducted by RISE in collaboration with the national and local governments.

Listen and follow the “Reform Unreformed” series (available only in Indonesian) on Spotify, Apple Podcast, YouTube, or your other favourite podcast!

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