Pre-service Teacher Training

RISE Booklet: Contribution to Improving the Quality of Learning

RISE Indonesia has shown that high-quality evidence, participatory engagements with policymakers, and a focus on real-world problem solving can bring about reform. The challenge now is to match the scale of the problem to how we can apply these methods to a still developing country with three time zones and speaks 762 languages. We’re on the right track, but we’re not there yet.  

The system is massive, with 3 million teachers and 69 million students at primary and secondary levels. It is highly decentralized, meaning that 500+ local governments can autonomously set their own education policies. And without specific recovery policies, the significant learning loss due to prolonged school closures will likely worsen the learning crisis. We intend to continue working with policymakers on these issues, together with any global partners who share the same concerns. 


Media Briefing: RISE Recommendations to Overcome Indonesia's Learning Crisis

In collaboration with The Conversation Indonesia, RISE Programme in Indonesia held a media briefing on Monday, 5 December 2022 as the closing event of the #FromSchoolingToLearning campaign series. This event aims to disseminate RISE's findings regarding the main problems in the Indonesian education system that so far have not received much attention.


Is the Game Worth the Candle? Examining the Effectiveness of Initial Teacher Education in Indonesia

An impactful teacher education programme equips teachers with knowledge and skills to improve their effectiveness. Empirical findings on the effectiveness of teacher preparation programmes show that the accountability of institutions and teachers should not only be based on the knowledge or skills produced but also on student learning. Our study aims to evaluate the effectiveness of a pre-service teacher education programme in Indonesia, known as Pendidikan Profesi Guru Prajabatan or PPG.


Selecting Teachers in Indonesia: Predicting Teacher Performance using Pre-Employment Information

RISE Programme in Indonesia studies whether teacher candidates' screening tests into Pendidikan Profesi Guru (PPG) or Teacher Professional Education, a postgraduate education programme in Indonesia, can predict their performance at the end of the programme and in an actual classroom situation at the beginning of their teaching career.


A Policy Lens on Becoming a Teacher: A Longitudinal Diary Study of Novice Teacher Professional Identity Formation in Indonesia

The early years of a teacher’s career are crucial to the formation of their professional identity—a complex process of reconciling their personal attributes with the demands of the profession. This study explores the identity formation of novice teachers in Indonesia and seeks to identify the various aspects that shape this process. Specifically, we examine how Indonesia’s current teacher policy landscape affects novice teachers’ perspectives on teaching and their profession.


Discussing Education: “Novice Teachers for Indonesia’s Future Generation: Are They Ready?”

Teachers are key actors in the provision of education services. The Indonesian Government seeks to generate newly qualified educators through the Pre-Service Teacher Professional Education (PPG) held by appointed teachers colleges. But, has the knowledge the novice teachers acquired from the PPG programme met their teaching needs? Does the current education system support teachers to achieve their professional capacities?