Pre-service Teacher Training

A Policy Lens on Becoming a Teacher: A Longitudinal Diary Study of Novice Teacher Professional Identity Formation in Indonesia

The early years of a teacher’s career are crucial to the formation of their professional identity—a complex process of reconciling their personal attributes with the demands of the profession. This study explores the identity formation of novice teachers in Indonesia and seeks to identify the various aspects that shape this process. Specifically, we examine how Indonesia’s current teacher policy landscape affects novice teachers’ perspectives on teaching and their profession.


Discussing Education: “Novice Teachers for Indonesia’s Future Generation: Are They Ready?”

Teachers are key actors in the provision of education services. The Indonesian Government seeks to generate newly qualified educators through the Pre-Service Teacher Professional Education (PPG) held by appointed teachers colleges. But, has the knowledge the novice teachers acquired from the PPG programme met their teaching needs? Does the current education system support teachers to achieve their professional capacities?


Selecting Teachers in Indonesia: Predicting Teacher Performance using Pre- Employment Information

Asri Yusrina presented "Selecting Teachers in Indonesia: Predicting Teacher Performance using Pre-Employment Information" at the 16th IRSA International Conference. This annual conference was virtually held through Zoom on 12-13 July 2021, and was hosted by the Faculty of Economics and Business at Universitas Gadjah Mada in collaboration with IRSA.


Educating the nation: 2020-2045

RISE Programme researcher Shintia Revina was appointed a speaker in the "Educating the Nation: 2020-2045" webinar organized by The Jakarta Post. In the discussion, Shintia discussed the efforts and challenges in improving the quality of Indonesian teachers.

Shintia is involved in RISE Programme's studies that examine teacher recruitment and teacher professional development.