• RISE Policy Note

    RISE policy notes are written to provide input to education policy makers.

  • RISE Working Paper on Teacher Reform and Education Policy Innovations

    RISE Programme in Indonesia examines Teacher Reform at the National Level and Education Policy Innovations at the District Level.

  • RISE Workshop "Fighting Learning Crisis, Building Foundational Skills"

    Building foundational skills in students can be one of the answers to fight learning crisis.

  • RISE Programme in Indonesia Webinar

    The webinar was held to convey the development regarding RISE Programme in Indonesia's researches to public policy stakeholders in education.

  • RISE Education Talk 2021: Celebrating National Teachers'Day

    RISE organised an Education Talk to celebrate National Teachers' Day and to disseminate the results of RISE Programme in Indonesia’s studies.

  • Podcast series "Reform Unreformed"

    (Only available in Indonesian)

  • Following Young Indonesian Teachers in their First Years as a Teacher

    The series is presented in essays written by a number of Indonesian teachers. RISE intends to...


Wednesday, 7 December 2022
The Indonesian Government has succeeded in expanding access to education. With almost all children...
Tuesday, 25 October 2022
If students do not master foundational skills in the short term, they cannot attain more complex...
Tuesday, 2 August 2022
As education systems focus on quality over inputs, teacher unions require technical expertise to be...


Working Paper
The education system is a suitable platform for our analysis for two main reasons. First, local education offices are exceptionally active in implementing local-level policies. Second, measures on outcomes related to the education system is commonly found in large-scale national surveys, allowing...
Working Paper
Selecting good teachers is vital as it can lead to a pool of teachers who will continuously strive to improve their teaching quality. Therefore, strengthening the assessment tools for screening effective teachers at their point of entry into the profession is important to improving teaching quality...
Embedded thumbnail for Encouraging the Development of Educational Innovations At the Regional Level
Since the enforcement of decentralisation local governments have the discretion to implement policies to improve the quality of education at the local level. However, according to RISE findings, numerous local governments lack the capacity to design education policy innovations in their regions....