• RISE Programme in Indonesia Webinar 2021

    The webinar was held to convey the latest developments regarding RISE Programme in Indonesia's researches to public policy stakeholders in...

  • RISE Education Talk 2021: Celebrating National Teachers'Day

    RISE organised an Education Talk to celebrate National Teachers' Day and to disseminate the results of RISE Programme in Indonesia’s studies.

  • Working paper on Teacher Professional Development

    Despite government efforts to reform teacher professional development (TPD) in the past four decades, Indonesian teacher quality remains low. Why...

  • Working paper on teacher recruitment in Indonesia

    Why is it so hard for Indonesia to recruit good teachers? We argue that the struggle to recruit good teachers are due to institutional, political...

  • Podcast series "Reform Unreformed"
  • Policy note on teacher recruitment process

    This brief assess three strategies MoEC may take to ensure that local...

  • Following Young Indonesian Teachers in their First Years as a Teacher

    The series is presented in essays written by a number of Indonesian teachers. RISE intends to...


Thursday, 25 November 2021
Guru merupakan profesi yang mulia. Semua pihak kiranya sepakat dengan hal itu. Namun, tidak sedikit...
Monday, 8 November 2021
The COVID-19 pandemic and distance learning have “forced” parents to carry a gigantic load to be...
Tuesday, 5 October 2021
Becoming a civil servant teacher is arguably every Indonesian teacher’s dream as the status ensures...


Working Paper
The early years of a teacher’s career are crucial to the formation of their professional identity—a
Working Paper
Kebumen Disctrict in Central Java is one of RISE's Learning Laboratory areas.
Working Paper
The zoning-based new student admission policy has been implemented since 2018 in Yogyakarta City.