In-service Teacher Professional Development

Dissecting Teacher Recruitment and Development Systems: Challenges and Strategies to Achieve Quality Education

Shintia Revina spoke about the impact of teacher recruitment and development systems on teacher quality in Indonesia in the third session of the 2020 Forum Kajian Pembangunan webinar. Shintia presented a summary of RISE’s study on teacher reform at the national level.

Download the speakers' presentations here.


Educating the nation: 2020-2045

RISE Programme researcher Shintia Revina was appointed a speaker in the "Educating the Nation: 2020-2045" webinar organized by The Jakarta Post. In the discussion, Shintia discussed the efforts and challenges in improving the quality of Indonesian teachers.

Shintia is involved in RISE Programme's studies that examine teacher recruitment and teacher professional development.


Dissemination of In-Service Teacher Professional Development (PKB) Research Findings

RISE Programme in Indonesia has conducted a research on Functional Training in In-Service Teacher Professional Development (PKB) for elementary teachers in September-November 2018 in three locations: Kebumen District, Gorontalo District, and Yogyakarta City. The study aims to explore the advantages of PKB, as well as the challenges and problems faced in improving the competence and professionalism of teachers.