Teachers' Notes

A Good Educator

People say a university major whose graduates can quickly get a job is teacher education. This may be true since the work path for its graduates is pretty obvious and directed: becoming a teacher. But working as a teacher is not merely to earn money. Professional teachers must be able to hold good values and principles. I am still trying to apply all of those to date.


“I Used to Think that a Teacher’s Job is only Giving Instructions”

I used to think that a teacher’s job was only giving instructions. However, after being a teacher myself, I realised that a teacher has to do so many tasks. Every day I have to prepare lesson plans, syllabus, and daily tests; make corrections on students' work; and put their scores in report cards. Corrections take a long time because I have quite a large number of students, 37 of them.


First Five Months as a Beginning Teacher

My interactions with my fellow teachers are quite good, although I tend to be more reserved at this new school. I am still adapting to the work environment and getting to know my colleagues’ characters. Based on my observations, the teachers in this school have not been a unit. It’s evident from every activity at the school, where the teachers do not help each other.