Tuesday, 11 February 2020

“I am Not a Perfect Teacher”

Photo illustration: Novita Eka Syaputri


This article is part of the Teacher's Note series on teaching experience as a beginning teacher.


I have varied experiences while working as a teacher. There are happy times, and there are sad times.

The happy times are when I meet the students. Watching their unique behaviours, listening to their stories and complaints, answering their rather odd questions, all of that amuse me. These are all sources of strength that motivate me to teach.

Meanwhile, the sad moments are when the children are impertinent, impolite, and do not respect their elders.

Students receive their first lessons at home from their parents and their community. I can only attend the children for a few hours at school as their teacher. In that short period of time, I try to become a teacher or an exemplary figure.


Daily Life at School

Just like other teachers in general, I always come to school on time every morning. Approaching the start of school hours, teachers will line up in front of the school gate to greet the students. In my opinion, this is one of the ways that can shape the students’ characters besides praying and reciting the Quran before the lesson begins.

Every time I’m about to begin teaching, I always offer some advice to the students. As a Grade 3 homeroom teacher, I am fortunate to have such attentive and obedient students.

In carrying out my teaching duties, I am of course guided by the learning tools. The tools are my ammunition to facilitate student learning systematically and seamlessly. I also use fun learning media to provoke students to be more enthusiastic in following the lessons I convey.


Many Weaknesses

I have good relationships with my colleagues. When I gather with fellow teachers in the office, I make the time to share, discuss subject matters, or just have a conversation with them. I also regularly attend meetings and associations related to my being a teacher.

I am not a perfect teacher. As a young teacher, I still have many shortcomings and often experience problems in giving instructions. I discuss these things in the association to find the best solution as much as possible.

As someone who is still in the process of becoming a good teacher, I try to carry out my duties optimally and responsibly.


*This Note was written by GWA, a primary school teacher in Central Java.

**All articles published in the Teachers' Notes are the views of the authors. They have been edited for popular writing purposes and do not represent the views of RISE Programme in Indonesia or RISE's funders. 

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