Tuesday, 23 February 2021

No Regrets Being a Teacher

Photo illustration: Novita Eka Syaputri


This article is part of the Teachers' Notes series on “If you could go back and start all over again, would you still become a teacher?”


Have I ever wished to turn back time to change the future? I never thought of it because it can only happen in fictional stories in novels and films.

If I could repeat the past, I would still choose my current job, being a teacher. Never once I regret choosing this profession.

Being a teacher is something that I have wanted since I was a child. Seeing a teacher in front of the class, both in kindergarten and primary school, made me wanted to be like them.

I was in awe of the teaching profession. My friends and I used to play pretend being a teacher and students. My mother, whom I am proud of, is among the reasons I wanted to be a teacher. I was so proud of having a teacher as a parent.


Teacher, the Second Parent

Parents put the care of their children at school to get knowledge and education. Therefore, I have a responsibility because I become the second parent to the students.

At school, my job starts from planning the study, guiding the students to teaching and giving them joy during the process.

I have achieved my dream as a teacher. I only need to maximize my efforts as a teacher.

I have many memorable experiences of being a teacher. Every day I meet students with their uniqueness. Seeing their expression is enough to make my day.

For me, seeing the change in the children's behaviour, from a dependent child who was not interested in studying unless they were with their parents into an independent child, was an achievement. Guiding students who could not read until they can read and write as well as their peers also left a good impression on me. That closeness with students and their parents is irreplaceable.


Most Memorable Experience

My most memorable experience of being a teacher was when my student received an award during a competition. Pride and happiness filled me during the moment they called my student's name. All the hard work, the training, time spent, patience, and the students' passion, even the nervousness finally paid off.

Although the student is now in junior secondary school, we are still keeping tabs on each other. When years have passed, and a student still remembers what we did, what more motivation does a teacher need?

I can't wait to hear that the students I taught have become successful people. While I remain as a teacher, my students will not.

One day, they will have higher knowledge than myself, and they will get various jobs. Maybe one day, among the students I taught, one will cross paths with me as a president.

Nobody knows what their future holds, but I look forward to my students’ success. If experience is the best teacher, then becoming a teacher is the best experience.


*This Note was written by RO, a primary school teacher in West Java.

**All articles published in the Teachers' Notes are the views of the authors. They have been edited for popular writing purposes and do not represent the views of RISE Programme in Indonesia or RISE's funders.

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