Monday, 15 February 2021

Using Research Results in Policy-making Process - The Head of Education Agency, Yogyakarta City

"We will definitely take into account RISE’s research results in the formulation of educational policies in Yogyakarta. Hopefully [our collaboration] will become an example for other regions in the policymaking process. Habitually, the policymaking processes include minimum references. With [the research carried out by RISE], we will be able to generate evidence-based policies."


The Head of Education Agency of Yogyakarta City Budi Santosa Asrori, S.E., M.Si. appreciates the collaboration between the RISE Programme in Indonesia and the Education Agency of Yogyakarta City. RISE conducts a reseacrh in education policy in Yogyakarta City to support evidence-based policy. Yogyakarta City is one of RISE's Learning Laboratories.

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