Tuesday, 7 April 2020

Building Rapport with Students

Photo illustration: Novita Eka Syaputri


This article is part of the Teacher's Note series on the key moments of becoming a beginning teacher.


Of the many key events that I went through while becoming a teacher, the most important was building rapport with students or becoming their friends. If a teacher has become a part of the students’ lives, in my opinion, the process of imparting knowledge will be more straightforward.

That is why, since I started this profession, I always try to bond with the students. I play, joke, rest, and pray together with them until we form a deep bond. Such approach makes it easier for the student to understand the lessons I teach them.

In addition to building closeness with students, a teacher must also be able to cooperate with their parents. After all, students spend a lot of their time in school. In other words, school is their "second home". Therefore, teachers must cooperate with parents to enable learning at school is also carried out at home.

For example, it would be useless if students learn manners at school, but it is not practiced at home. Good communication between parents and teachers is crucial to support children's learning development.



*This Note was written by WI, a primary school teacher in Jakarta.

**All articles published in the Teachers' Notes are the views of the authors. They have been edited for popular writing purposes and do not represent the views of RISE Programme in Indonesia or RISE's funders.  

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