Learning Laboratory

Preliminary Findings: Impact of Zoning-Based New Student Registration Programme (PPDB) Policy in Yogyakarta City

Since it was first launched, Zoning-Based New Student Registration Programme (PPDB) has received mixed responses. RISE Programme in Indonesia conducted a study related to the impact of zoning policy on junior high school students in Yogyakarta City. The city of Yogyakarta is one RISE's Learning Laboratory.


Spark of Hope from An Innovative District: An Ethnographic Study in Decentralized Education in Indonesia

International Symposium of Journal Antropologi Indonesia (ISJAI) is the biggest and well-known international conference of anthropology in Indonesia. Hundreds of presenters came from various countries, present their field works or research on Indonesia in this conference. Risa Nihayah, researcher of RISE Programme in Indonesia, joined this event and shared findings about her etnographic study on local educational innovations in Kota Yogyakarta.


Policy Actors' Acceptance and Competence as Key Success of Policy-Making Process

Niken Rarasati, researcher of RISE Programme in Indonesia, became one of the speakers at "Temu Inovasi" event. Rasti, Niken Rarasati's nickname, presented findings from diagnostic study of two disctricts, RISE Programme's learning laboratories, related to policy-making process in education.

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