Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Regions Need Assistance to Solve Education Problems - The Head of Bukittinggi Education Agency

"It is obvious that providing education is a shared task. So, it cannot be cared for by the internal educational institutions alone because sometimes, when we look only from the inside, we can get caught up in the routine. There would be no social control or other inputs. If we got caught up in the routine, there would be no creativity. It would just be business as usual. Meanwhile, the world out there is changing. We need that [creativity]."


Drs. Melfi Abra, M.Si., Head of Education and Culture Agency, Bukittinggi City, hopes that the central government or other development partners can also work together in solving Bukittinggi's educational problems. The Education and Culture Agency of Bukittinggi City has been collaborating with RISE Programme in Indonesia for 4 years in conducting education policy research to support evidence-based policy.

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