Embedded thumbnail for Regions Need Assistance to Solve Education Problems - The Head of Bukittinggi Education Agency
Tuesday, 16 August 2022
Drs. Melfi Abra, M.Si., Head of Education and Culture Agency, Bukittinggi City, hopes that the central government or other development partners can also work together in solving Bukittinggi's educational problems. The Education and Culture Agency of Bukittinggi City has been collaborating with RISE...
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Monday, 25 April 2022
This year's National Education Day comes along with the reopening in-person schooling with full capacity classes. We ask 8 primary school students in South Tangerang about how they felt on returning to school. Let's listen to their stories!
Embedded thumbnail for RISE Programme in Indonesia Promotes Evidence-Based Education Policy
Monday, 8 November 2021
RISE Programme in Indonesia is part of a global initiative aimed at addressing learning crises in several countries. Through a series of research, RISE supports the formulation of evidence-based education policies. Let’s bring quality education to reality for a better future for Indonesian children...
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Monday, 8 November 2021
In recent decades, Indonesia has made dramatic progress in education. One of its successes is expanding access to education across the country. Despite these progress, Indonesian student learning improvement has been stagnant.  A one-size-fits-all policy by the central government cannot address...
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Tuesday, 13 July 2021
The Minister of Education, Culture, Research, and Technology of the Republic of Indonesia, Nadiem Anwar Makarim, who opened  RISE Programme in Indonesia's Webinar on Tuesday, 13 July 2021, gave an appreciation to the efforts made by RISE as the Ministry of Education, Culture, Research, and...